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What is Minority
all about?

Minority is an exclusive, free-to-join community where the best B2B marketers spend time bettering themselves outside of their day job.


Read on to see what you can expect as a member...

(Yes, it's free)

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Why should you join?


Share deep strategic discussion with like-minded marketers


Use the community as your professional marketing sounding board


Bounce ideas around with people outside your day job for a fresh perspective


Build a network of lasting relationships with marketers who think like you


Source talent that shares the same principles and mindset as you


Apply your learnings to your day job and deliver real results for your business

Minority is a new, exclusive B2B marketing community


Who created Minority?

I’m Sam. A marketer of 10+ years.


I’ve worked in start-ups & public companies, B2B & B2C, eCommerce & SaaS.


Marketing, people and conversation is my bag.

Shoot me a DM on LinkedIn (where I'm most active) to get to know me on a more personal level...

The story behind Minority


Why did we create Minority?

It's clear to us that most B2B businesses (or the majority) are still going to market in ways they did 20 years ago.

Marketing teams all over the world are burnt-out, demotivated, frustrated, and at the beck & call of their sales team. 

But there's a revolution happening. Businesses are changing. They're starting to do things differently.

As a result, there's a new wave of B2B marketers on the rise, but at the moment, we're in the minority.

We decided to build this community to bring this new breed of revenue pros together, and put some magic back into our craft.

It's early days. But the future is bright. There’s never been a better time to be a B2B marketer.

Minority is a place where we can cultivate and grow a community of elite B2B professionals, together.

Ready to get ahead in your career?

You’ve got nothing to lose.


Create an account in seconds and take a look around.


You're about to change the trajectory of your career in B2B marketing for good...

Minority - a B2B marketing community

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Not quite ready to join?

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